Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Different Types of Epoxy Resins and Their Characteristics!

Epoxy resins are been used just about everywhere, including our day-to-day life. The many qualities of epoxy resins like; adhesive properties and their resistance to chemicals or water make them very useful, in several industries.

In boat building, dentistry, fiber optics, and civil engineering, epoxies are used for commercial reasons. Yet, not many people know that epoxies are available in different types. Every kind has its own characteristics and qualities.

Here are the different types of epoxies and their characteristics-

     Liquid – This type of resin is mainly used for coating, laminating and potting. It has good adhesive properties with chemical resistance. Low viscosity makes it ideal for civil engineering, flooring, and tank linings. It is also used in electrical application due to its electrical properties. The Quality of the solvent and the chemical and water resistance makes it the perfect choice for marine applications. Some variants of this liquid type have also shown impact resistance and more flexibility.

     Solid – Solid resins are usually used for powder, maintenance, and coil coating. It is also used for electrical applications because of its chemical or impact resistance qualities. Good flexibility is one of its many features. Some products of this category are also used in warm areas due to its heat curing qualities.

     Multifunctional – Multifunctional resins are known for their characteristics of property retention on different temperatures. It is used for the lamination of circuit boards to block UV. Some products in this category also provide features like; low viscosity and stability. Due to its many properties including chemical, organic solvents and heat resistance, it is an ideal product for coating, adhesives etc. It is also used in civil engineering; RTM applications, and composites, due to its good flexibility.

Other types

Almost every epoxy resin manufacturer produces this resin in some other variants also, such as diluents, specialty, cycloaliphatic etc. These products are used in secondary containment, tank linings, composites, filament winding, pultrusion, and impregnation applications. They offer certain qualities like; low volatility, wettability, and low odor level.

Major uses of epoxies

This product is mainly used for coating many types of equipment. Its chemical and water resistant qualities make it an ideal product to be used for ships, boats or any tool that comes in the direct contact of water. It is also used for powder coatings, and flooring.

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