Thursday, August 27, 2015

Working with color concentrates? Here is everything you need to know!

The different industries such as medical industry, construction industries etc consider color as one of the important element for marketing and sales. However, if we talk about the different plastic industries, it is very important for them to have deep knowledge about the different implication of colors for their business.

Are you thinking of working with color concentrate? Well, here are some of things that you need to know-
  • One of the most important things is that it is very important to use the right concentrates at the very beginning of the product development cycle to avoid any kind of problem that may arise in the future if proper planning is not done.
  • The mixture of all the different ingredients that is used to make a colorant includes 30% to 50% of a pelletized concentrate. The remaining is known as carrier resin that acts as a binder for the colorant
  • There are typically two methods of adding these concentrates. The first method is to add the base color in a liquid carrier whereas the second method involves breaking down of the pigments into fine particles after which the color is dispersed into the liquid carrier.
  • The concentrates that you need to add to the base resin are usually at levels of 2-5 lb per 100 lb to the natural material.
  • It is very important for a carrier resin to chemically match the base resin. The easiest way for this is to make the concentrate from exact type of polymer as the base resin.
  • Molecular weight of the carrier is another important component that should not be ignored. The molecular weight is usually expressed in terms of Melt Flow Rate (MFR). In addition, for a good mixing, a carrier with high Melt Flow Rate is preferred than the base resin.
  • However, if the Melt Flow Rate of the carrier resin is high, it means that the final product will show some signs of reduced performance in the final result.
There are number of benefits of using these concentrates therefore, if you are thinking of working with the concentrates, do not forget to consider the aforementioned things.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What needs to be taken in accordance while purchasing paints?

The hardware material used in our premises needs to be checked properly before buying. It is due to the reason that imitation of products is very common these days, which could be harmful for your family. The hardware material like paints, which are widely used in our homes, can be harmful and it is important to verify its process of manufacturing.

The manufacturers use unauthentic VOC material in reactive diluents, which is as harmful as it can be. By using such material, there are chances that individuals might start facing acute headaches, irritation in eyes, breathing odor and similar type of issues. It is important to verify these hardware products from every angle. The minutest details need to be checked before application of paints take place. This type of exercise would help in the long run and it would also help in well being of the family.

The details of hardware are available on the box itself. The pros and cons of using this type of product need to be done in advance. One feels attractive towards cheap price but it will not help in the long run. The standardized products fulfill all the safety benefits and prove to be effective. It is better to go for thorough research before choosing a specific manufacturer. The manufacturers, who have earned huge reputation in the market always distinguished products.

We have a nice option to opt for, organic paints. These paints help in providing safe and healthy environment to your walls. There is no health hazardous, when applying of this type of paint takes place. On the contrary, there is a possibility individuals think that paint cannot make a huge difference to their lives. On the other hand, it can influence in a big way and can take away tranquility from your home.

The paints need to be safe and provide a protection layer to premises. The individuals living inside should feel that they have used an effective paint, which is helpful for them in the long run. The list of trusted and authentic suppliers is readily available. Look for the supplier, who has the authority to sell these products. The experience in this field does matters a lot and individuals should feel free to ask numerous queries from them.