Saturday, September 13, 2014

What you need to know about the classification of color compounds!

Colors have a special place and meaning in our lives. There is no substitute for colors, which is why we include colors for everything in our everyday lives like; clothing, cars, housing, and in so many, many more things including food. It’s just next to impossible to imagine or live our lives, without color.

Before differentiating color compounds, let us differentiate metals – ferrous and non-ferrous.

Ferrous are the ones, which have large concentration of iron in them and non-ferrous are the opposite.

Now take a look at the various types of compounds of colors-

     1. White Colored Compounds
At times, we need to shine the non-ferrous metals as much as we can. The process goes like this; first, the surface is prepared accordingly. Then, a white compound is applied to the surface to make it as shiny as possible.

     2. Red Colored Compounds
It is also used on non-ferrous metals, and the materials like knobs, fixtures, cabinets, buffs and domet are polished with the help of red colored compound.
These compounds help in giving shine to the knobs and make sure that there are no scratches left on the objects.

     3. Chrome color compound
Plated material is polished with the help of this category of the compounds of color. This helps in giving shine to the material. The chrome compound can be applied to stainless steel. Moreover, it also helps in giving a clear-cut look without any cuts on the material. There is no risk of corrosion on the non-ferrous material, if this compound is applied properly. However, chrome color can be used for non-ferrous and plastic material as well.

For non-ferrous materials, silica can also be used. Silica is a compound used in making flawless mirrors. The shine of a mirror depends on the amount of silica present in it.

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