Thursday, October 9, 2014

The use of Natural epoxy curing agents for coating

The demand for curing agents is on the rise, as the need of a good pot life for chemicals increases. Usually they are used for hardening a certain material be using cross linking. Multiple types of these products are available for use. All these agents have their own different features.

These agents are used by several industries because of their many features.
Many companies from all over the world are providing different types of curing agents such as; Aromatic and Aliphatic Amine, Cycloalophatic Amines etc.

Phenalkamine: is another curing agent, which provides a fast cure. Because it is a good solvent, it is widely used in many fields like; for marine and offshore coatings, flooring, construction equipment, industrial railways, marine applications, and much more.

Some of its many features include:

Cure at low temperature – This is one of the most important features of this curing agent. It provides cure at low temperatures, which makes it a good option for using in marine applications etc.

Sometimes, it is also used for maintenance coating in some industry applications, that need cure at low temperatures, which is sometimes even lower than 0 degree Celsius, can use this product.

Low viscosity – Low viscosity is another specialty of this product, which makes it more compatible for several industries.

Fast cure –It is a good option for industries that need fast cure.

Moisture resistance – This product can also resist moisture and water. It makes it capable for coating for marine and offshore applications. That is why, they are also it is used for pipe and tank coatings.

Good compatibility – This product offers good compatibility with several materials.

Excellent adhesion – Excellent adhesion is another property of this curing agent.

Salt Water resistance – Feature of salt water resistance also increases its importance. This is the reason why they are used in marine and other instruments.

Low cost – Its low cost availability makes it a great option in many fields.

Chemical resistance –Its high chemical resistance makes it usable for many protective applications.

Color stability – Color stability is another feature of this agent.

It also provides good flexibility, surface tolerance and other properties. It gives high performance with good durability. They have a very good pot life.
Coating, done with this product, increases the life and productivity of various applications.

With this type of coating, products will last longer even in difficult conditions, like; low temperature, salt water, moisture etc.

They always provide a better cure for many different industries.

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