Monday, July 27, 2015

How to choose the right curing agent for epoxy resin?

Epoxy curing agent is a chemical reaction that builds up a cross-linked 3-D network and converts the epoxy resin to a solid form of material. If you want to purchase these curing agents, then you can find lot of variety in the market.

Apparently, these curing agents works as supplementary support to the harden epoxy resin. The industry manufacturing these curing agents over time has seen an undeniable growth in the sale of epoxy resin products.

However, you should have a complete knowledge about the type of curing agent you will be using. Moreover, precautionary measures should be taken while using them as those who have sensitive skin may have allergic reactions.

Following are the steps to be considered while choosing right kind of curing agent-

Identify type of material- you should acquire full knowledge about the material you will use for the resin. However, there are various types of epoxy resins but you need to select the right one that will suit your purpose.

Ideal room temperature- Some epoxy resins that are used in aircrafts and automobiles, for that the curing agent will show maximum effectiveness if cured at a set room temperature. However, few are used at extensive range of temperatures. These curing agents are an ideal option for glass like casting and pot applications.

Time Span of the Curing Agent- you should keep the knowledge about time span of the curing agent, as it will give you an idea about what time is required to complete the task. You must consider the time it takes to dry at a given temperature. It is important to notice dry time also. If the temperature is varying then it may produce a faster curing period.

Curing Process- at last, it is essential that you follow the instructions provided for epoxy to use. Mix the curing agent with the proper ratio mentioned in the instructions. The mixing procedure should be done fast in order to avoid lumps that may produce if the mixture is not mixed well. After following the procedure, the estimated results are not seen, then you require another curing agent for the epoxy resin.

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