Thursday, July 16, 2015

All you need to know about color concentrates

Many industries including medical, construction and consumer industries make extensive use of colors and consider them as an imperative element for marketing and sales.

The ones who run plastic industry are more curious to bring their business to new heights. Moreover, they want to be ahead of the other competitors. However, in order to achieve their desired goals, one needs to have keen knowledge about implication of colors.

One should be very thoughtful about using the Color Concentrates right from the beginning of product development cycle in order to avoid any kind of limitations that may arise if proper planning is not done.

There are many factors to consider before the doing selection of these concentrates like temperature, material selection, molding, product life cycle, certification and many other factors. Moreover, when concentrate is to be added, it should be done keeping in mind to what kind of material, it is to be added in. Moreover, selection requires some attention in adding concentrates, so they are not added casually.

These concentrates are added using two methods. The first method involves adding up of base color in a liquid carrier with a high-speed mixer. Concentrate added is at level of 2-5 lb per 100 lb to the base resin.

In the second method, pigments are broken down and turned into fine particles and then the color is dispersed into the liquid carrier. One should use this method when you need to work with organic colorants in order to achieve the best color dispersion.

However, in order to add these concentrates, some of the equipments are required in order to gauge and drive the substance from its storage container to the other in order to mix with the resin material.

There are various other methods to do this process but whatever method is used, it is imperative to remember that liquid color requires additional equipment to set up the liquid into your system.

 There are numerous benefits of using these concentrates over the other and some of them are discussed below-
  • The first advantage of using this concentrate is that it can easily handle all forms of materials.
  • These concentrates can be scattered effectively that results to produce better color earning
  • It also provides chemical addition stability.

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