Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some common applications of epoxy putty!

It takes two constituents to form epoxy putty. Those two constituents are polyamine which is used as a hardening agent and epoxide, which is a common resin. The two are kept apart until they are mixed together in a particular shape. Once the epoxy putty is molded, it is left to harden and cure. Upon curing, the putty becomes extremely durable and hard. Epoxy putty has a number of applications for multiple purposes.

It is mostly used for household and automotive repairs. This putty has the ability to fill in holes and dents in cars, and it can also fill the gouge in fiberglass boats. Since it does not seep or bleed, it is good to fill holes in damaged wood and repair broken crockery and dishes. Amazingly, Epoxy putty is also good for repairs involving water, because it is super hard and does not soften.

Adhesive usage:
Epoxy resins have good adhesive properties and that is why epoxy putty is ideal for fixing and repairing broken things together. Some of its common uses as an adhesive are; reattaching broken wood pieces, broken shoes, luggage handles, etc. It is highly durable, and can handle heavy weight and pressure. As an adhesive, it has incredible strength, it can bond easily with objects, and incredibly it is also waterproof. This is why it is such an amazing gluing product.

Epoxy putty is commonly used in modeling and sculpturing of many types. It is commonly used in taxidermy, for creating mounts and also for creating relief maps and similar structures. It can easily be sculpted for adding small details to train and airplane models. These structures can then be painted and sanded.

Since epoxy putty is curable for creating durable shapes, it has the ability of carrying weights without breaking or cracking. Because of this property, it is ideal for leveling stuff such as cabinets, chairs and tables. A small piece of putty is molded in the right height and shape in order to avoid the furniture from shaking and wobbling. The putty can be painted on, in order to match the furniture’s texture and color.

Part replacement
Epoxy putty is used for molding out replacement buttons and knobs. It is easily sculpted for replacing oven and air conditioner knobs, and even plastic toys, thus avoiding the need of specialty replacements.

epoxy resins uses in the plastic industry are endless. We have just discussed, some of its most common and major usage.

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