Friday, November 8, 2013

Preserve your home by using zinc borate for wood!

Is your home protected from harsh elements like; rain, wind and UV damage?

There are a few aspects to be considered, when protecting your home from weather related issues. Stains, sealers and caulking are some possible solutions for such problems

Stains and sealers cover the surface of the logs and other woods, and form a barrier to protect against such harsh elements like; rain, wind and UV damage. Caulking helps to fill gaps, check joints, windows and doors and chinking, and it is used to fill the large spaces between the logs. All in all, these methods are useful for preserving wood.

However, all these methods are only effective when used in conjunction with zinc borate, which is a chemical compound that contains Boron, a mixture of inorganic salts and other minerals.

This is the most appropriate way to protect wood from weather related issues, fungal decay and insecticide. Furthermore, the best factor of using this chemical on wood is that it is flame retardant.

It comes in a powder form, which when mixed with water is then sprayed or brushed on those areas that have cracks or crevices. The ability of the chemical to get diffuse into the wood helps to maintain it, and its moisture content.

The use of this chemical, needs to done very cautiously; rather should be done by an experienced professional only. An expert who will have ample knowledge about the chemical and the quantity of chemical required to prepare the mixture and the equipment required to perform the job safely, which you won’t get from just anyone.

Earlier, this method was commonly use in commercial applications only, but gradually when people started discovering its benefits, it popularly came into use for protecting the wooden structures of homes from fungal decay, wood rot, termites, carpenter ants, subterranean, powder post Beatles and other insects detrimental to wood.

Therefore, if you don’t want your house to get damaged because of weather issues then consider all these factors and get borate.
However, make sure you are buying it from a company that has good experience and can provide the appropriate chemicals that are needed for protecting wood.

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