Monday, September 28, 2015

What are the major Industries in which epoxy plays a major role?

With rise of numerous chemicals, organic chemistry field has completely changed. With rise in a number of chemicals many industrial processes has also change. Amongst all chemicals, epoxy has emerged out to be the most popular ones.

Its dynamic properties have made it extensively use in wide range of industrial processes. It is made from the final product of epoxy resin. The name epoxy is obtained from the chemical functional group epoxide in its structure.

Epoxy resin diluents can easily react with other compounds such as amines, acids as well as alcohols & phenols.

Let us look where epoxy plays a major role in several industries–

Adhesive – This is the foremost area where epoxy is widely being used. As it provides desired applications, this makes it useful choice for many industries, especially ones whose work is related to variety of surfaces ranging from wood & metals to plastics and stones. This chemical has good heat resistance and chemical resistance, which makes it a better choice as compared to normal adhesives. Moreover, it is highly flexible also.

Paint industry– Factories that require casting metal applications like iron, steel and aluminium, epoxy is a chemical that is best suited for use in such factories. The chemical is lesser volatile and resistant to water.

Electronic Industry
– Epoxy is highly useful in the electronic manufacturing industry because of it electrical insulation property. As for the manufacturing of insulators, motors, transformers, generators, casts, laminates, fixtures, switchgear, and bushings, good property is require, which makes epoxy a better option as compared to other chemicals. Another benefit of this chemical is it is a better conductor of heat than air.

Automotive industry- Epoxy is best chemical used for application in automotive industry. When combined with latex and alkyd based paints the product do not deteriorate.

From the aforementioned areas, you must have got an idea in which applications is epoxy used. However, its use is not just limited to these three fields rather it is also widely being used across marine, aerospace, art as well as biological fields.

With such wide advantages, this chemical has become prime choice of many industries. However, before buying any chemical proper enquiry needs to be done. The word enquiry here emphasize on the quality of chemical, manufacturer and supplier credibility, cost of product and delivery services.

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