Friday, November 28, 2014

Why are Curing Agents used for Various Purposes in Different Industries?

Curing agents are used in different industries such as; flooring, marine, concrete, civil engineering, electronic potting, building materials etc. It is used as an adhesive or coating to harden a wide range of materials by cross-linking. Prominently, these agents are used for coating, laminating, casting, tooling, and potting.

These agents are also used in electronic components, because of their low viscosity.

They create a cross linking structure by joining the material and hardening it. This improves the strength of the material. When the chemicals are used to cure a resin structure, it will react directly with the resin in the product, and make it tougher than before.
In some cases, this process of strengthening needs heat in order to provide a better cure.

In the fields of civil engineering, these chemicals are used for various applications including; coating, potting, etc. For different applications, different kind of hardening catalysts is used. While some of them are very reactive, others have low viscosity. Some of these agents are used at specific levels of heat.

Main Features of Curing Agents

Some curing agents are used for their ability to resist salt water

The Ability to handle low temperature

It performs well even in humid conditions (which is why they are used for repairing cracks in concrete, repairing mortars and floor coatings etc.)

While they have an important application in a wide range of industries, in the flooring industry, they have a special place. They improve the longevity of the floor by hardening the material used. These agents are used for curing, in order to get a better performance from the products. Different types of hardening catalysts are available in the market. Before using these products, it is necessary to read all instructions carefully. Mixing these curing agents in the right ratio is also necessary, to get the desired results.

Choose the right chemical according to your usage, and by considering the industry standards.

Make sure to use the recommended product, because using an inappropriate agent will not provide you with good results.

To strengthen or to bind two objects properly, the right product must be used.

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