Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How to develop a high-solids polyurethane system?

Using reactive diluents along with polymer matrix helps diminish VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and a high-solids polyurethane system can be developed.

Diluents are preferred because their quality results in higher solids and lower viscosity, which goes well for error-free applications of higher-solids coatings.

Description of diluents
Diluents are primarily used for reducing the viscosity of conventional epoxy resins. They are also generally used, in commercial grade purposes.

Properties of diluents

  • Viscosity Hopper 6 - 8 mPa.s. (megapascals into bars) @ 25 C
  • Light yellow or clear liquid in appearance
  • Epoxy Value 5.9 - 6.3 eq. / Kg
  • Refractive Index 1.528 - 1.330 @ 25 C
  • Storage Stability for up to 12 months in original container
Advantages of diluents
  • The Viscosity of high molecular weight epoxy resins can easily be reduced.
  • Using diluents, substrate, and filler wetting of adhesive formulations can be improved.
  • The retention of mechanical and chemical resistance cured state properties is possible, by making use of this substance.
  • There is lower vapor pressure in diluents, in comparison to other chemicals.
Applications of diluents
  • Diluents are used in both solvents free and solvent containing chemicals.
  • For the casting and potting of electrical and electronic components.
  • It is best used for laminating glass fiber.
  • Adhesive in nature.
  • Used in flooring.
  • Potting & encapsulation
  • Tooling
Diluents when combined with resins, give the following advantages:
  • Without increasing volatiles, viscosity reduction can be done.
  • Cost reduction because of higher filler loadings of both chemicals. 
  • Higher compressive strength, lower co-efficient of expansion; lower exothermic and lower shrinkage are a few of the many other advantages of higher filler loadings.
  • Increased pot life of resin hardener.
Once you learn about diluents and its properties, you will surely have a more clear understanding about it.
If you are involved in the type of industry, which deals in supplying Polyurethane Solutions for Systems, then you definitely need this chemical for effective results.

If you are still unaware about the many ways in which this chemical can be helpful for your industry, then you need to do a more extended research. Doing so, will help you get a better idea about its properties.
In order to get the best quality product, you must compare the price and quality of the product; before buying it.

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